Where, Oh Where is Melody Allaire??

Countdown to Mom's arrival
in Thailand!!
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September 6, 2001

Where, Oh Where is
Melody Allaire??

the life and travels of a "Freespirit"

Melody's mailing address
in Mae Hong Son

Melody is in Thailand for a two-year posting with CUSO. She began her work placement on December 1, 1999 in Mae Hong Son. Her new address is below.

We are also including in this site, Thailand-related links for CUSO cooperants.

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Melody's mailing address as of December 1, 1999:

Melody Allaire
Highland Agricultural Extension Centre
Huay Makhuea Som
Bahn Na Pa Paag
91 Moo 4 Tambon Mokchumpaa
Amphur Muang
Mae Hong Son
Thailand 58000

You can email her at freespirit_nsbs@yahoo.com

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